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September 7, 2016

Inside Out

13533267_1762009077379072_1315958224861454346_nI couldn’t keep it in any longer.

I just had to get what was on the inside of me out.

For so long I had been happily writing and singing to myself in a little room in my basement.  But eventually, it became not enough to quench the fire that burned inside me.  It’s not the songs…or the melodies…or even the lyrics that I feel I had to get out.  It’s the message behind the music.  It’s about who I write for.  It’s about who I sing to.  And it was the act of getting what bubbled internally to pour itself out in the physical.

So I asked myself some questions…When people think of me what will they remember?  Will it be the way I sing?  Will it be the lyrics I write?


It will be the message I leave behind the music.   It will be the message I leave wherever I go.

What is that message?


You will hear Him woven in and through every song I write.  You will hear what my relationship is like with Him.  What He has done for me.  How I can’t live without Him.  How He sustains me.  How He carries me.  How He loves me.  How He saved me.  I can’t stop expressing my heart for Him.  How could I? His life and what He did for me compels me…drives me…burns in me.  Where would I be without Him?  I don’t even want to think about it.  If He dwells in me then He needs to spill through me.  He needs to overflow out of me.  He needs to splash people around me.

“Just get what’s on the inside out…” He set deep within my heart.  So this album is my response.  I made a decision.  I decided to take a huge jump off the edge.  And to let Him catch me.  I decided to put myself out there- not knowing if anyone would ever even care to hear my music.  Not knowing people in the business.  Not knowing how it would look and where it would end. Not knowing how hard it would be but how right it would feel.

That decision, just a decision, set the ball rolling.  When you just make a decision and actually follow through- it will enlarge your view, your life, your ministry and best of all your relationship with God.

So I turn those questions to you…When people think of you- what will they remember?  What is in you that has to come out?  What gift has been packaged and wrapped in you for so long?  It’s time to unwrap it.  It’s time to write a thank you note to the One who gave you that gift.  And then to use that gift for its purpose.  He gave it to you for a reason.  Don’t keep it inside.

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  1. Steve Suk says:

    Wonderfully and beautifully written. Thanks for sharing what’s on your heart!!

    Your songs are soul-searching and inspired

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